ZONK Entertainment is a full-service film production company located in the Los Angeles area.

ZONK's goal is to provide quality entertainment by producing feature films based on solid story-telling (story-showing, actually), high production value, and most important, creating lasting memories with important messages about the human spirit.


ZONK's founder is Mark Brown.  His background is three-fold.  For much of his adult life he had the ultimate responsibility for the development of large-scale software applications for FORTUNE 500 companies.  In a nutshell ... project management and licensing.  While engaged with that, he somehow found time for a life-long passion ... fiction-writing.  He wrote four novels, all of which made various Best Seller lists.  And finally, there was a twelve-year stint with Warner Bros. working in Administration and Operations.

Early on at the studio Mark realized that film projects and software application development projects are basically identical.  People management, budgeting, scheduling, problem solving ...  The only difference is the deliverable.  A packaged software application versus a packaged feature film.  And given his passion for story-telling, well ... you get it.



ZONK Entertainment



In order to move quickly on projects ZONK has purposely kept its overhead low.  At the same time our affiliates and colleagues are solid film professionals who share the same goals and objectives.

Our relationship with Jodi provides production expertise, acting, casting, and highly-skilled stunt performers.

And our association with The Edit Garage offers production, direction, cinematography, and editing.

And of course, we have excellent relationships with talented sound, composing, hair and makeup, and set design professionals.  Give us ShoutOut ...


The Edit Garage