Our first completed film is Saviors.  It's a 16-minute short, which represents one story line of a completed full-length feature screenplay of the same name.

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We have three features In Development, but they have missing pieces.  Not all the money is there.  And we're missing a few cast members, but seriously, there is a lot in place, and we're going to make them.

While working those projects through the development process, we thought it might be a good idea to make a short. Get the key cast and crew committed to the features in development to work together on a short and see how we jive.  Iron out the wrinkles without scorching the fabric.

That's how the Saviors short came to be.  And hopefully, at film festivals, someone will say ...

'You, know, Saviors would make a great feature.  Have you thought about doing that?'  That's when we hand out the completed script.