ZONK begins Saviors​ production

PRESS RELEASE   March 20, 2017

Saviors, a dramatic short film, features a former rock star guitarist whose recreational drug use has ballooned into a full-blown heroin addiction.

At the crossroads, he succumbs to his habit and pawns his most prized possession for one last wild ride.

Then, in a paralyzing instant, his true inner self takes charge when he risks arrest on drug charges to help someone in need.  So he's a savior.  But the saving doesn't end there.  His actions spawn two more saviors.  Each unlikely.  A smart, feisty, but frustrated police detective.  And the second ... well, that's the big surprise.

​Our film features ...

Brad Carter (True Detective, Black Mass, Ascension), Lisa Catara (State of Affairs, Criminal Activities, Scorpion), Massi Furlan (The Dark Knight Rises, Live By Night, NCIS LA), and Al Coronel (Logan, The Last Ship, Criminal Minds ).

Directed by Chris Gallego Wong (My Name is David, Literally Dysfunctional, Epic Mike).  Screenplay by Mark Brown.

Mark Brown, Chris Gallego Wong, and Lisa Catara produce.


Principle photography commences in April at ANC Productions in Burbank and at nearby locations in Burbank and Toluca Lake, CA.

Project completion ... October - 2017.  For additional information email ... ZONK