lowercase joey

DIRECTOR ... Mark Brown

Forty-year-old Max Venable, now single, faces major surgery that will definitely impact his sex life. You see, Max has been diagnosed with stage one prostate cancer. But he's fit, doesn't drink (much), or smoke, and has never done drugs. Prostate cancer moves very slowly, so usually when it presents itself in later life, the recommendation is to monitor it. Basically, something else will get you first. However, given Max's age and otherwise great physical shape, his urologist, Dr. Hap, recommends a radical prostatectomy - surgical removal of the cancerous prostate. Max is torn between Dr. Hap's opinion and the adamant stance championed by his (behind-the-scenes) significant other who protests that surgery would be a drastic mistake. No, Max's significant isn't his girlfriend, and not a 'best friend with benefits.' It's his 'pal' joey who, by-the-way, shares the same birth date as Max. You might say that 'they have been roommates forever.'


New Age Noah

DIRECTOR ... Mark Brown

Eons have passed since 'original' Noah built his ark at the request of God. Now, in present day Santa Monica, California, the first Noah's descendant (also named Noah) has embraced the family business. He's an expert woodworker. He's also into jigsaw puzzles, as we will see. God finds Noah busy in his workshop and asks him to build an ark. Ever respectful Noah gets to work, constructs the ark (which, by-the-way, he purchases from Amazon). Then Noah rounds up two of every creature (good guys only). But only afterward when the rains come and Noah and his 'herd' set sail, does God realize there is a very serious problem.

16 At Sea Noah F Right 3.png

Brandy the Branding Lady

DIRECTOR ... Mark Brown

Brandy, a child prodigy, whose immense talent is most likely derived from her last name ... "Letters," begins her journey as a two-year-old who is unbeatable at Hangman.  Next stop, at five (and at seven) ... she wins TWO National Spelling Bee Contests, then amazes the world winning the New York Times Crossword Puzzle Championship three years in a row.  Those achievements reward Brandy with a college scholarship and degrees in 'Wordology' (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate) with a concentration in Game Theory. Needing a little R & R, she takes some time off and sails the Pacific (bare-boats it) only to port in Madagascar ... the site of the International Scrabble Tournament.  And her victory there lands her a prestigious gig at a major pharmaceutical company.  And guess what magic Brandy creates there?!

17 SECOND WORD Scrambled.png